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Product Label~Color Carton 4

In general, the material of the product label is mostly copper-based stickers, and the rest will have different matching methods depending on the environment.
The lower-priced products, such as the product labels used in the Daiso 49 NTS store, the main appeal is the low unit price and the long shelf life.


If the product is in the middle price, such as the product label used in the food packaging, the main appeal will be more biased towards the brand identification requirements, and it is hoped that there will be obvious brand recognition when the consumer purchases. At this time, the product label usually has a great possibility to emphasize the design sense, and use different color matching to achieve the purpose of brand image to increase the repurchase rate.


As for the high-priced products, due to the rich profits of the products, the emphasis on brand characteristics will be more obvious. At this time, the requirements of the owners will not be considered from the price alone, but will be evaluated based on the value of the overall brand. At this time, the design team The skill, the manufacturers who assist in the development of software, the requirements of printing quality, are often the big selling points to achieve the winning products of the owners.

The criteria used by Bingyu Enterprise Team Label Design and Development, for different product characteristics, emphasizing different product attributes, should use different label design principles, in accordance with materials, use environment, use conditions, ambient temperature, product value, and provide Different label design methods, Haoyu enterprises have unique design concepts in label design and development, product color matching, will provide the owners with a refreshing design assistance.

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