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先畫靶再射箭 !!
If we have already bought the TSC labeling machine, can we replace it with the Godex labeling machine without re-editing? 4

Of Course !!

For professional label machine manufacturers, this should be the most basic requirement.

Under normal circumstances, the labeling machines of different brands and the label editing software that are attached are theoretically not shared. However, if additional translation programs are developed for this need, these additional requirements can be achieved. .

Bingyu Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in the field of system integration, and has rich experience in system integration in different industries. Under different environments and conditions, it often uses traditional programming languages and development tools to meet Customer demand is the biggest goal.

Bingyu Enterprise is a professional service consultant team specializing in labeling machine import solutions for various industries. With 20 years of experience in printing label sticker masters, punctuality and high quality are the commitment of Haoyu Enterprise to customers. The company's business items are as follows: label printer, barcode scanner, QR Code related products, data collector, mobile APP, bar code machine label stickers, high temperature stickers, special material stickers, bar code machine ribbon, label generation Printing, POS out of the machine, invoice printing machine, POS peripheral supplies, thermal stickers, flat sticker printing and so on. Whether it is mass production or a small amount of custom, it can be produced by order.

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